Hi Everyone, My name is Kirsty Jackson and I started Wanderlusting Travel as a way to share my travels with friends and family, but also to hopefully inspire anyone who loves to travel and hopefully give you some tips and tricks to avoid most common travelling mistakes.

Flying over the Greek Islands

A little about me

I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand to a Kiwi mum and a Scottish dad, and I have been travelling since birth with my first international flight at only 6 months old when I went over to Scotland with my parents to see my dad’s family.

I have been travelling ever since because of my dads job and as well as living in New Zealand I also spent some time living in Australia and Scotland while I was growing up, but currently I’m based in Auckland, New Zealand.

My Beautiful Home – Auckland, NZ

With a passion for Film and Photography I went and got myself a degree in Film and Television when I graduated high school. From there I started working in a costume shop and then started teaching performing arts in the school holidays. This lead to me becoming a full time English teacher, but I still longed to travel, so it came as no surprise when I started working as a travel agent a couple of years ago.


With my love of English, History, Photography, and Travel, again it was only a matter of time that I started using those skills to my advantage and started blogging about my travels.

Flying to my home town Christchurch, NZ

As well as inspiring travellers like me, I hope I can impart some of my tips and tricks that I have picked up working as a travel agent that is based inside a busy International Airport.


I know your probably thinking why is there a travel agency in an airport? I thought the same until I started working there and quickly realised that if something is going to go wrong, it is usually at an airport, and it’s usually happening to some of the most experienced travellers, so if you ever get stuck come see us that’s why we are there.


So come along on the journey with me and I hope you enjoy reading the Blog as much as I enjoy writing it. Any questions feel free to email me on Kirsty@wanderlustingtravel.com or leave a comment below.


Aroha nui,


Me, finally at the Parthenon, Athens, Greece – one of my bucket list must do’s