As part of our new and improved Wanderlusting travel I sat down with the newest member of our team and we had a chat about what we love about travel and we thought we would share that conversation with you, our lovely readers.

Zuleika – Cruise Consultant and Travel Blogger

How long have you been working in travel?

3 years

Countries Visited so far?

New Zealand, Australia, United States, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, New Caledonia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Norfolk Island.



Favourite Country and why?

Cuba, it is full of culture, history and great people.


Favourite Holiday Memory and why?

Travelling to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico and spending a week just laying by the pool and on the beach. I don’t often have holidays where I do nothing, so getting to spend a week in 35 degree heat enjoying good books and cocktails by the pool was my idea of heaven.

Favourite food?

Fresh berries.

 Favourite movie that inspired you to travel somewhere?

Ghostbusters, I have wanted to go to New York for as long as I can remember and I got to go in 2014. It was like being on a film set, every corner you turn you recognise from one film or another.


Favourite song that reminds you of another country?

Land of Dreams by Roseanne Cash – It was used by Brand USA to promote travel to the USA and this song always makes me think about driving around California.

Favourite travel product/gadget?

My Brand new Kathmandu Backpack – Model: Transfer 28L Travel Park v3 with removable Travel pod for passports and valuables which fits in the seat pocket on the aeroplane perfectly.

Favourite thing about travelling?

Exploring new places and meeting new people

Destination you really want to visit next?

Europe, especially Greece and Croatia

One thing you cannot travel without – aside from a passport 

My camera, I normally travel with a small digital camera, DSLR and have now added a goPro to the collection!


Car, plane, boat or train?

Boat, I enjoy getting on board and unpacking my suitcase and then being able to wake up each day in a new location, city or country and not having been on a plane to get there.

Ever had a Holiday disaster?

No holiday is ever a disaster, you have to go with the flow and things will all work out in the end.


One destination you were really surprised by and why?

Las Vegas – I was surprised by Las Vegas as you think it is all just gambling, there is so much to do in Vegas. From trips to the Grand Canyon, flights over the Strip, quad biking in the desert, Fremont Street or just simply visiting the hotels on The Strip. Each hotel has it’s own unique attraction – from New York, New York with it’s rollercoaster on the outside and statue of liberty out the front, Luxor with the pyramid, MGM Grand with the lions, Flamingo with the Flamingos, or the Bellagio with the fountain show.

You could easily spend a week in Vegas and never gamble at all

Best travel tip

Go with the flow, if you have something planned and it doesn’t work out it’s ok

And finally what is it about Travel that makes you so passionate?

I love Travel because I love exploring new places, learning about new cultures and meting new people.